Kings Cross Consulting Services

To help you stabilize and grow your business through LEAN Best Practices, software and technology

Good management appears to be so strongly linked with good performance that it might be reasonable to expect all firms to make better practices a priority. The techniques of good practice are, after all, available in the public domain in a wide range of easily accessible forms. Yet many firms are still poorly managed. But where do you begin? We will sort through your options and help you set priorities using stragegy and impact analysis tools.

  • Strategic Visioning
      - Strategies for Business Growth
      - Lean Value Workshop
      - The Voice of the Customer (QFD)
  • Strategies for Manufacturing
      - Implementing Lean Practices
      - Implementing KAIZEN and Event Management
      - ERP for Manufacturing Solution Selection
      - Value Stream Mapping
  • Project Management Training and Consulting
      - The Art and Science of Project Management
      - Setting up a PMO
  • Organizational Change
      - Project Marketing
      - Implementing Change Management
      - Continuous Improvement - Kaizen
  • Training and Education
      - Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing Operations
      - MRP Basics
      - KAIZEN 101



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