ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
You've probably heard the term ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). An ERP system is a computer-based business support system that maintains the data that a business needs for a variety of functions such as Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Financials, Projects, Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management. Companies planning ERP system implementations often have high expectations of what they want to achieve and what they will get. You would too. The investment is high and it's a lot of hard work. However, in many cases, these expectations are not met. Not for technical reasons, but because the organisation doesn't have enough time to prepare itself for the new system and processes or the new system and processes just aren't appropriate for the organisation.

Lean ERP for Manufacturing
ERP is not about implementing software, it is about control and efficiency. Can you answer the following questions

  • What are you producing today?
  • What should you be producing today?
  • Are we making money on that product?
  • Do we have enough resources to meet short term sales Forecast?
  • Do we have enough resources to meet long term sales forecast?
  • Can we trust our forecast?

Are you struggling with the following issues?

  • Too much inventory
  • Inventory is obsolete or past it's shelf life
  • Production Management daily reacting to shortages
  • Production replanning every day
  • Customer Back Log affecting Customer Satisfaction
  • Every day is a fire drill

Answering yes to these questions does not mean you need a new ERP system. It does, however mean you need to take a look at the effectiveness of your current system

Our goal is not to sell you a new ERP system. Our goal is to help you realize your control and effeciency potential, to get you excited and to put you on the path to achieving it.


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