ERP Package Selection
Before you start looking at any new solution we must first look at your goals and objectives and how your current business processes are meeting or failing to meet these goals. Our experience is that if an organization has already gone through this step before they invite in software vendors the customer knows exactly what they need and can identify quickly if the application is a fit. In addition the selection process is far more efficient, saving you time, confusion and expense.

Business Processes constitutes a significant portion of your organizational costs.

Implementing a new ERP package in an attempt to improve your business processes brings major disruption and cost to a company's daily operations and after the ‘painful' project is over we often fail to realize the benefits. When we focus on process improvement before the software selection starts we see dramatic increase in the success of the final implementation. What is more exciting is that major improvements can be realized by just recalibrating your existing processes, sometimes eliminating the need to replace your existing software.

The number one goal of ERP software vendors is to sell software. Bringing in a software vendor to help you identify improvement opportunities goes against their primary goal and you end up with ‘shelfware' not ‘software solutions'. This is why we started Kings Cross Consulting, why we focus on business process and why we do not favor any one application. With that said we have extensive hands on experience with ERP packages for manufacturing which helps us quickly identify why the software is failing to meet its intended purpose.

Our teams have developed tools and methodologies for Business Process Improvement, Software Selection, Project Management and Organizational Change Management. We have facilitated Lean and Agile Manufacturing initiatives, and have helped struggling organizations get very excited about process improvement. We work at every level in your organization to identify Organizational Change and Prioritize Strategy. Through strategic partnerships we can bring in project managers, specific application expertise and organizational change professionals. We can put together an implementation team of experts at much lower cost than you would get from a software vendor's professional services.

Our goal is not to sell you a new ERP system. Our goal is to help you realize your control and effeciency potential, to get you excited and to put you on the path to achieving it.


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