The Seven Wastes
Waste reduction is a major part of lean manufacturing , the benefits of lean manufacturing are huge, it can help reduce your costs significantly adding to your profit. As well as these monetary gains it also helps you to reduce your lead times and service your customer much better. Reducing the seven wastes as part of a waste prevention program will add a huge percentage to your bottom line

Waste Reduction, Waste Elimination, Waste Prevention

Transportation - The movement of product between different operations and locations. Required due to the production of large batches requiring fork trucks and the like to move it within the factory, made worse by the tendency to organize the factory floor into functional silos (machining, moulding, assembly, painting, etc.)

Inventory - The usually vast amounts of material held as both finished product and work in progress (wip), driven by traditional manufacturing's tendency to run large batches to make machines more efficient and to insulate against problems.

Motion - The unnecessary movement of man or machine, for instance picking up heavy items at floor level to bring to a workable height or machines that have to travel excessive distances before actual work is undertaken.

Waiting - People or machines sat idle waiting for previous operations, material delivery, information, problems to be solved and a host of other potential reasons!

Overproduction - The tendency to make product that the customer does not want or before the customer wants it leading to large amounts of Inventory.

Over-Processing - Doing work that the customer does not need, such as polishing surfaces that are never seen, specifying excessively tight tolerances etc.

Defects - The products that are created incorrectly, leading to rework, scrap, delays, paperwork, investigations etc.


The Seven Wastes
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