The Journey to World Class Manufacturing

What does it mean to be a World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Company? There are many differing definitions of this phrase but typically it is associated with implementing the many LEAN principles that have been coming out of the Japanese world of manufacturing.

How do you become a world class manufacturer? Once you study lean principles and become familiar with the techniques you will find that it is not rocket science, however many manufacturing companies have failed in their attempts or simply choose not to invest in changing their current ways of working. Why?

  • The journey looks to difficult
  • Stuck fighting the chaos of today, tomorrow never comes
  • Struggle to visualize themselves as a WCM
  • They do not know where to start
  • These are just a few reasons, there are many more

    Jump start your Continuous Improvement LEAN Journey with :


    Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing Operations

    Kings Cross Consulting can help you get started. It is a journey and not just a business event. At it's core is a culture of continuous improvement driven by a vision. Head Office based in Naperville, IL we provide Lean Consulting Expertise in and around Chicagoland and North America

    The LEAN Manufacturing Implementation Map


    Strategy, Process and Technology

    We are dedicated to Implementing Solutions and Information Technology to gain Business Process Efficiency. We believe that working closely with your organization to fully understand your corporate goals and specific user needs is the only true formula for success. We actively seek out creative ideas and innovative technology to enable stability and growth.



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